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I have practiced criminal law since 1977. My passion and interest is in always representing the accused against the powerful state. My experience is vast. I have represented over 100 clients in jury trials winning more than my share of acquittals in murder, drug trials and serious robbery cases. I have represented literally thousands of clients. I clearly have the reputation from colleagues and adversaries as being a dogged, zealous, advocate. No stone will be left unturned. I genuinely believe that when you hire me, you get a lawyer committed 100% to your cause. I will never stop working on your behalf putting all my vast experience behind your cause. Never.

I first worked for the Legal Aid Society from 1977 to 1983, in private practice before joining the Capital Defender Officer representing people charged with death penalty charges starting there in 1995 and then, after helping strike down the death penalty in New York State, returned to private practice in 2006.

The clients that I have represented have been charged with the most serious of crimes, from murder, drug dealing, terrorism, robberies, and bank fraud cases. I have represented numerous people facing the death penalty. Many of the cases have been high profile cases appearing on the news and in the newspapers.

Most recently, I have used that experience and skills to broaden my client base. I now represent clients in federal and states courts in New York City and the surrounding communities charged with a broad range of crimes including white collar, racketeering, child pornography, bank fraud and drug dealing. I have been involved in making new law that have helped change the law to benefit all people charged with crimes. Some of the cases have brought about debate over changes in the law in the area, among other things, of mandatory minimum sentences in the federal courts.

I have made television appearances on Court TV as a guest expert in the area of criminal trial practice. I have been quoted numerous times in the media. I have taught at numerous colleges and law school.

I am a board member of the New York State Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and a Board Member of the Appellate Division, First Department Screening Panel for New Lawyers. I am a graduate of Buffalo Law School in 1976. I promise you that I will advocate for your rights zealously and courageously.