Federal Drug Charge

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I recently represented a defendant with three prior State felony drug convictions, now charged with a new federal drug charge. Under the federal drug law, the defendant was subject to Career Offender Status and a potential under the Federal Sentencing Guidelines for an over thirty year sentence. I presented the Court with a creative sentencing memorandum which explained in detail the defendant’s history and background. The Court then sentenced the defendant to a five year sentence, the mandatory minimum.

In the Post-Booker world, judges have more discretion to impose sensible sentences. It is paramount for all of us to see sentencing as a place for real advocacy. It is necessary for me to get to know you as a person and not just a client. I can then do better in handling your case more effectively.

Plea deal on Racketeering charge

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I represented a person with being a member of a Racketeering Enterprise in the SDNY. Originally, the Government argued that he should be classified as a “leader” of the Enterprise. I was able to convince the Government that his “leadership role” occurred many years before and that his present role was different and smaller. I convinced the Government to this way of thinking, substantially reducing the offer to my client.

The Government’s original plea offer was up to 235 months. After the government reconsidered my client’s role in the Enterprise, the plea offer was for a more reasonable 84 months. My client will be eligible for early release within one year.